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Mobile Commerce Services in Slovenia from Users Point of View
Survey description:  

Mobile communications are spreading very fast around the world and also in Slovenia. Almost three quarters of Slovene population already use the mobile phone. In spite of high adoption of mobile technology among people the mobile commerce services are not commonly used yet. The Master's thesis deals with mobile commerce services from users' point of view. The survey was administered to gather users' opinions about mobile technologies and services. Users use the mobile phone mostly for simple voice services and to telephone respectively. The research showed that a very small number of users use any mobile commerce service. The most commonly used services are news and information offer and entertainment based on SMS messages. The results also show that many users have no idea what mobile services are, at all. Also there is a very large number of users who know they exist, but they still do not use them. These users would start using the services if they would become cheaper and easier to use. Mobile services advantages are place and time independence, convenience and good ratio service/price. The biggest problems of mobile services are high prices, non-personalized services and unhandy mobile terminals. Users believe that reliability, ease of use, high speed, low price and availability are the most important features of mobile services. The comparison of these results with the results of the European mobile commerce survey indicates that there is no difference between European and Slovene users' opinions. On the contrary, at specific questions some similarities were identified. Recommendations for practice and further research are added at the end of the Master's thesis.

Uros Hribar, M.Sc.

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