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Faculty of Organizational Sciences
University of Maribor

Kidriceva 55a
4000 Kranj


Name: Uros Hribar, M.Sc.

Title: Researcher
Head of mCommerce Laboratory
Phone: + 386 4 237 4219
Fax: + 386 4 237 4365
Email: Uros.Hribar@FOV.Uni-Mb.si

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Uros Hribar is a researcher at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor. He was born on 9th of September 1973 in Kranj, Slovenia. He completed his undergraduate study at the same Faculty in 1999. After that he engaged in activities of the eCommerce Center at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. He is working on a field of mobile commerce. In November 2002 he completed graduate study of Management of Information Systems at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Since 1998, he is a member of the technical committee of the annual Bled eCommerce Conference and also the 9th European conference on Information Systems. During his research he developed several prototypes of electronic and mobile commerce and presented his work at few international meetings and workshops.



B.Sc. in Organizational Information Systems, University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences
M.Sc. in Management of Information Systems, University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences


Electronic commerce
Mobile commerce


ENLARGE (Entrepreneurship Laboratory For Eastern European Regions)



Jordan, Sandi, Hribar, Uroš. Mobile banking prototype - checking account balance on mobile phone. V: Klein, Stefan (ur.), O'Keefe, Bob (ur.), Gricar, Joze (ur.), Podlogar, Mateja (ur.). Thirteenth Bled Electronic Commerce Conference, Bled, Slovenia, June 19-21, 2000. The end of the beginning : proceedings. Kranj: Moderna organizacija, 2000, vol. 2, str. 134-135.
Jordan, Sandi, Hribar, Uroš. Mobile exam registration and notification - WAP prototype. V: O'Keefe, Bob (ur.), Loebbecke, Claudia (ur.), Gricar, Joze (ur.), Pucihar, Andreja (ur.), Lenart, Gregor (ur.). Fourteenth Bled Electronic Commerce Conference, Bled, Slovenia, June 25-26, 2001. E-everything: e-commerce, e-government, e-household, e-democracy : proceedings. Kranj: Moderna organizacija, 2001, vol. 2, str. 89-90.
Chrissafis, Athanassios, Hribar, Uroš, Mylonopoulos, Nikos, Polemi, Nineta, Piperides, Agis. East Europe - eBusiness in Action. V: Loebbecke, Claudia (ur.), Wigand, Rolf T. (ur.), Gricar, Joze (ur.), PUCIHAR, Andreja (ur.), Lenart, Gregor (ur.). eReality : Constructing the eEconomy : proceedings. Kranj: Moderna organizacija, 2002, vol. 2, str. 123-124. [COBISS.SI-ID 3443475]
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