How many clicks do we need to create a web survey?  

Nejc Berzelak, Vasja Vehovar and Tina Horvat
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Software applications for preparation and implementation of web surveys have become an increasingly important component in survey research. However, feature-rich software requires relatively high amount of learning and usually involve complex procedures to generate survey questions, while easy-to-use applications usually offer too few features to satisfy the needs of advanced users.

We evaluate web survey tools from the perspective of a scientific user. For this purpose, a variety of usability and benchmarking procedures is employed on most widespread software tools, including OneClickSurvey solution, developed ad University of Ljubljana ( This includes the evaluation of a) required features for various research purposes (like simple and complex questionnaires, experimental designs and mixed-mode research), b) availability and accessibility of these features in selected tools, c) easiness and intuitiveness of their utilization and d) estimated time needed for mastering the software to a required degree. Two standardized surveys have been implemented for this purpose in all selected software tools.

The paper provides (1) an insight into the state-of-the-art in the field, (2) guidance for selection of the software for different needs and discusses some possible directions of the future development and (3) comparison of results arising from different strategies for evaluation and testing.