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Reports and Recommendations


Report and Recommendations of CEN/ISSS eInvoicing Focus Group on Standards and Developments on electronic invoicing relating

to VAT Directive of 2001/115/EU. Final Report by 15th September 2003



Single European Electronic Market Report of the SEEM Workshop held at the European Commission in Brussels on March 11, 2003,


Benchmarking National And Regional e-Business Policies for SMEs, Final report of the “E-business Policy Group”, June 2002



Council Directive on eInvoicing 2001/115/EC of 20. december 2001



eInvoicing in Denmark






eInvoicing in Finland


Finvoice - the electronic invoice of the Finnish Bankers' Association



eInvoicing in Finland. Published by Enterprise Ireland at



How Banks Enable STP - Straight-Through-Processing In Business Processes. Workshop of the 17th Bled eConference eGlobal,

Co-chairs: Kari Korpela & Franc Bracun, June 22, 2004,



eInvoicing in Sweden







eInvoicing in United States



Other eInvoicing References


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Electronic commerce capability


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Merkur day 2004, October 22