E-invoice exchange via internet
Stojan Košti
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia

The main subject of this diploma assignment is to identify the classic old fashioned paper processing system of the examined company. The existing process is represented by graphic illustration. The goals of studied companys are supported by e-commerce analysis. This showed us, that an exchange of e-invoice as the main accounting tool, hasn't been developed well enough yet. The company has to bring forward the new proven strategy of e-commerce in order to achieve faster development. Also certain law wiepoints need to be considered. To bear in mind all kinds of different technologies and safety percautions, I suggest a certain solutin and to work out a proper prototype.

The use of prototype solution which has been developed for the diploma assignment, has been supported by recognization and practical experiences with e-invoicing in Slovenia and EU as well. It shows the posibility, how to minimize the cost and the exchange time of invoicing process, compared to classic way with consideration of minimal technological and organazing interventions. The positive influence of working prototype will make it clear to continue the introduction of e-commerce as a studied partnership organization.

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