Accessing the information about road obstruction through mobile phone via SMS service

Sašo Božič
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Overall increasing of road traffic is causing bigger and bigger problems to drivers all over Slovenia, especially in big cities at rush hour and on main roads in case of roadwork or accidents. If driver acquires right information at the right time about all road obstruction that he’ll encounter on his trip, he can save a lot of time, money and disordered nerves, because he’s able to decide how to get to his destination the fastest and easiest way. There are several different traffic information providers that use different media to inform drivers about road obstruction in certain regions. I decided to use mobile communication technology offered by Slovenian mobile operator Mobitel specifically its system M-vrata. This system allows outside service providers to use Mobitel’s infrastructure for exchanging SMS messages with service users through mobile network. While Mobitel provides infrastructure and system support, service provider can focus on development of SMS service application.

I developed SMS service prototype application as a part of my diploma writing. In my diploma presents mobile commerce the main topic beside detail introduction of mobile technologies, I-mode and M-vrata.

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