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8th Executive Business, Government, and University Meeting
On Cross-border eInvoicing in eRegion

The Executive Business, Government, and University Meeting will focus at eInvoicing issues in our region. However, the topic is considered an important challenge to EU as a whole. It is very much related to a Single European Electronic Market development as a component of the 2005 Action Plan of the European Commission. Since eInvoicing is extremely critical to eCommerce of SMEs, it was suggested by the eBSN - European eBusiness Support Network for small and medium size enterprises to accelerate its development in all 25 EU Member States. In that regard, first steps have been made within Finland & Slovenia cooperation in cross-border eInvoicing effort wich will be presented in the meeting. The objectives of the meeting are:
- Creating awareness of eInvoicing importance to eRegion competitiveness.
- Sharing ideas on a current status of eInvoicing in a participating country.
- Discussing challenges in cross-border eInvoicing.
- Gathering ideas on interest in joint cross-border eInvoicing development and actions.
- Investigating opportunities of joint research and development projects.

The idea of eInvoicing in eRegion may be considered a right move towards strategically important global exploitation of eCommerce as described in “Electronic Commerce: Setting The Agenda For Economic And Social Growth: The Bled Manifesto” by Peter G. W. Keen, June 21, 2004.

In the plenary session of the Meeting, keynote addresses will be given by:
- Dr. Bror Salmelin, Head of Unit, New working environments, Information Society Directorate-General
- Mr.Tapani Mikkeli, Deputy Head of Unit, E-business, ICT industry and services, Enterprise Directorate-General, European Commission, European Union.

At the meeting, the business and Chamber of Commerce representative of the towns on both sides of the border (Slovenia, Italy, Austria) will discuss challenges in eInvoicing. A representative of the commercial department of the embassy of a respective country is expected to participate in the meeting.

You are kindly invited to consider attending the Merkur Day and the Executive Meeting. We would appreciate it having your confirmation in order to include your name, position, affiliation, and web site into the participants list.

Jože Gričar, Professor & Director
eCommerce Center, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor

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